Marriage in Switzerland: Financial Pros and Cons

How does getting married have an effect on your financial life? What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting married, from a monetary perspective? Find out in this guide from moneyland.Ch.

Whether you are a married couple moving to Switzerland, or a pair of citizens considering tying the knot, it’s miles vital which you recognize precisely how marriage impacts your economic existence. From obligation for shared debt to old-age pensions and coverage, marriage and cash are intertwined in countless approaches. Here, moneyland.Ch lists the most essential monetary issues for married couples and those considering marriage.

1. Social security

Marriage impacts nearly every aspect of social security, and as a result impacts your monetary independence. Here are the main pros and cons:


Being married or in a registered partnership entitles you to acquire a lifelong widow’s pension (as a lady) primarily based on your spouse’s social security contributions if they pass away. Men may receive a widower’s pension based totally on their spouse’s social protection contributions for as long as they care for children from the marriage elderly 18 or younger.

Marriage is also beneficial if handiest one in every of you earn an earnings in Switzerland due to the fact as long as the hired spouse’s annual social protection pension contributions double the minimal annual contribution. That means that if one in every of you isn’t employed, you’ll no longer should pay the minimal annual social safety contribution for that person out of their own pocket.


As people living collectively with out getting married (or registering your partnership), you’re entitled to get hold of “complete” Swiss social security pensions. As long as you each make contributions to social safety at some point of your working life, you every acquire as a minimum the minimum country pension. If you both earn a respectable profits, you could every receive the “maximum” full pension.

That all adjustments when you get married. As a married couple, your combined pensions are restricted to 150% of a unmarried maximum pension. If you both earn nicely at some point of your running lifestyles, you will get hold of simply one-and-a-half of maximum pensions instead of two full pensions. In different words, getting married can reduce every of your vintage-age pension by using 25% – or 50% among the 2 of you.

2. Taxes

Switzerland uses a revolutionary profits tax machine so the higher your income, the better the applicable tax price. As a married couple, each of your incomes are combined to decide which tax bracket you are placed in. This association may be either beneficial or pricey – relying to your incomes and which canton you are living in.


If only one in every of you earns an earnings, or if considered one of you earns a far lower earnings than the other, then marriage may be high-quality. Because your earnings tax bracket is determined by way of both or your incomes, a person which may additionally fall into a high tax bracket can be located in a lower tax bracket if their partner earns very little income. In this example, the low profits balances the better profits so you pay less tax.


If both of you earn properly earning, then the mixture precept works towards you due to the fact both of your earning will be mixed to decide which tax bracket you fall into. Two people who may also each be located in low tax brackets if they had been no longer married might be placed into better tax brackets once you have married. So in case you are both decent earners, getting married directly interprets into paying more earnings tax.

3. Inheritance

Switzerland has strict rules dictating who get what when any individual passes away. Your partner is always first in line, observed by means of your kids, as you could see in this guide to Swiss inheritance regulation. These policies can paintings to your advantage or disadvantage, relying for your scenario.


You have the safety of knowing that your spouse will receive a huge part of your property if you skip away. Another advantage is that, relying in your canton of residence, you pay little or no taxes on inheritances or gifts made for your partner.


You have much less flexibility in selecting who ought to get your money and property because a obligatory share will visit your partner or registered accomplice. Even if you write a will, you’re nevertheless required to depart a big share of your property in your felony heirs.

4. Pension fund

The actual guidelines governing occupational pension budget (pillar 2) range among individual price range. However, there are positive wellknown policies which follow to marriage.


Your spouse or registered companion receives a survivor’s pension from your occupational pension fund when you die. To be entitled to this pension, you and your spouse will have to were married at least 5 years. Additionally, they should be at the least forty five years old or have based kids to care for. The pension your partner gets from your pension 相親網站 fund in case you die is identical to 60 percentage of the antique-age pension which you might obtain when you retire (some pension price range might also offer better pensions).


If, inside the worst case state of affairs, you come to be divorcing, your pension fund will be divided among your pension savings and people of your ex-spouse. Depending on how a great deal your spouse has contributed to their pension fund, the effects of this splitting might also variety from negligible (if your partner’s savings are just like yours) to devastating (if your partner has little or no pension fund financial savings). As an single couple with out a registered partnership, your pension fund savings normally continue to be for your possession.

5. Debt

As a fashionable rule, each people in a wedding are responsible to repay money owed that you take on as a couple. This consists of most debt used to finance shared belongings. Business money owed and certain other debts can be considered separate estates, but now not in each case.


There are no actual benefits to bringing debt into a wedding.


Aside from the financial stress which often accompanies debt, you chance setting a part of the load of your money owed on your unique a person by way of getting married when you have debts. Although you may select to preserve your estates separate via way of a marital settlement, your partner may additionally nonetheless in the long run be held responsible to help pay off your debts as a part of their marital duty to mutual assist. It may be prime to get out of debt earlier than you marry. You can locate recommendations on a way to get out of debt fast here.


There are many special reasons why people get married, and money frequently does no longer play a primary position in the choice. However, expertise how getting married affects your budget is an essential step in deciding whether marriage is right for you.

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