here To Find Low-Cost or Free CPAP Machines and Supplies.

Need a backup tool or a 2nd device for touring?
Here’s a list of companies that offer low-cost or free CPAP, APAP and bi-degree machines and components so that you can get the sleep you need.

As with any buy of CPAP gadget, a prescription is required, although the there’s no charge.

American Sleep Apnea Association
ASAA has a CPAP Assistance Program (CAP) that has supplied over four,000 CPAP device applications to sufferers in want over the years. Their assignment is to help as many sufferers as feasible get the remedy that they need. They agree with that nobody must pass untreated because of financial complication or other troubles. The application is made possible from donations from manufacturers and different nonprofit organizations. They have machines and masks available on a confined basis and includes a 30 day return coverage.

What does it fee?
CPAP: $100 application charge (does not require any evidence of financial trouble). ASAA can provide you with a CPAP or APAP, new tubing, clear out and sporting case (does now not consist of humidifier). Depending on inventory, they’ll additionally supply a mask. Click here to complete their online software.

Bilevel/BiPAP: Bi-Level PAPs can be available, relying on inventory (as of the publishing of this post in May 2016, ASAA is in want of bi-level donations).

Supplies: Prices and availability range. Discounts for buy or more than one objects. Here is the patient mask application.

Breathe California of the Bay Area
(www.Breathebayarea.Org )
Breathe California of the Bay Area
1469 Park Ave.
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone (408) 998-5865
Email Michael Baker: michael@lungsrus.Org

What does it price?
They acquire donated CPAP and BiPAP machines from hospitals, sleep facilities, and people. They easy and test the machines to make sure they work nicely, then redistribute them to clients. When the clients acquire a gadget, Breathe California asks for a donation quantity between $55 to $one zero five depending at the form of system. The machines come with new hose and filters, and that they have new mask available for $10. For customers no longer within the area, they offer to ship the machines for a further $40. If you’re neighborhood, you could drop off equipment at their vicinity in San Jose (see above).

The Reggie White Foundation
The Foundation become co-founded after Reggie White’s premature demise, through his spouse Sara, in conjunction withthe Sleep Wellness Institute in West Allis, Wisconsin. They understand the function that sleep apnea performed in slicing Reggie’s lifestyles quick, and need to help people of all financial backgrounds to apprehend the signs and risks of this ailment. They offer CPAP therapy gadget to individuals who would possibly otherwise be not able to at ease the wished device. Their software is made feasible from donations from individuals, manufacturers and different nonprofit organizations.

What does it value?
CPAP: $25 application price and evidence of financial problem. Application available here.

Supplies: $10 application price and evidence of monetary complication. Click on the software hyperlink above.

Second Wind CPAP
Second Wind CPAP makes a speciality of great discounted ‘open container’ new and lightly used PAP machines for those people who couldn’t otherwise come up with the money for it. They purchase new or gently used bilevel positive airway pressure from individuals and refurbish it before selling on this web page at a discount.

What does it price?
CPAP, APAP, Bi-Level, ASV: Varies by way of producer and tool, beginning from $ninety five for a gently used CPAP (does now not include humidifier) to $299 for used APAP, $399 for bi-degree and $499 for ASV (learn about extraordinary device kinds here). Purchase consists of 6 month cash back assure for used devices. New gadgets are underneath manufacturers’ guarantee.

Supplies: Only available new at normal on-line fees.

Have health insurance but aren’t certain how a good deal it’ll cowl for a CPAP machine or resources?
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